Friday, August 23, 2013

Monthly Update

Today is August 23, 2013, exactly two months since my 29th birthday and the beginning of my 30x30 Challenge.  So here's an update on my progress so far!

1. Attend Sunday night church at least one night a month - This happened last month and will happen again this upcoming Sunday.  So far, so good!
2. Clean out and organize the office closet - Taylor and I did an initial round of this a few weeks ago.  So while the closet is not totally cleaned out, much less organized, progress has been made in this area.
3. Complete the coursework for my doctoral program - My last semester of coursework officially started this week.  I'm already counting down the weeks until I am finished with it!!
4. Complete the gallery wall in my house - After at least a month of neglect, I actually plan to work on this again this weekend.
5. Create an implement a safety "plan" for the house - Nope, nothing has happened here yet.  Maybe I'll start thinking about it this next month?
6. Defend the proposal for my dissertation - Still hoping to do this in Spring 2014!
7. Deep clean and purge the house of extra junk - Haven't started working on this either...
8. Finally finish watching "Lost" (Accomplished July 27, 2013)
9. Find and buy the perfect little black dress - Again, I have not done this either.
10. Get pedicures with my sisters - Maybe before Christmas or Valentine's Day?  Or for Anna's birthday?
11. Give blood (Accomplished August 9, 2013)
12. Go on a fancy dinner date with my husband - We'll probably do this for his birthday.  Anyone have suggestions of places we should visit?  I was thinking about Vast, at the top of the Devon Tower, but the more ideas, the better!
13. Go to a midnight movie - This is so happening in November!  Catching Fire, whoo-hoo!!
14. Go to Six Flags with a group of friends - Someday?  I have no idea when...
15. Have a certain amount of money in my retirement fun - Wow, I am 89% of the way to accomplishing this goal!  I'll definitely achieve this in another month or so...
16. Have a certain amount of money in our savings account - And I am 56% of the way to accomplishing this goal.
17. Hold a newborn baby (Accomplished July 10, 2013)
18. Keep a regular prayer journal - Oops, haven't start this yet!  Definitely need to get on it.
19. Make extra payments on my husband's student loans - We are still going strong with this.
20. Make extra payments on our mortgage - And we are doing well with this too.
21. Participate in/practice "Meatless Mondays" - This is also going well.
22. Pass my qualifying examination (Accomplished July 23, 2013)
23. Read the entire Bible in one year - I am actually about two weeks behind on my reading plan, so this is something I should really try to catch up on this weekend.
24. Run five 5K races - Two out of the five are done!  And I may be doing the Color Run in October?  Whatever the next one is, it should be fun!!
25. Run a 10K race - Still not sure when I am going to do this...
26. Run a half marathon - I'm hoping to do this in about four weeks.  Eek!!
27. Start a blog (Accomplished June 23, 2013)
28. Take a Barre 3 exercise class - I have everything I need to do this, I just need to actually get it done!
29. Teach a Bible class at my church - Oh, this will be finished in about a week.  I'll be sure to make a post about what we taught and how it went once the class is over.
30. Volunteer at Breakfast on Boulevard - Maybe I should try to do this around Thanksgiving time?

So while there are several things that I still need to think about and plan for, I have actually accomplished almost 17% of the items on the list.  I'd say that's probably right on track to get everything accomplished before my 30th birthday!

And happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. The view from the top of the Devon Tower is awesome! even if ya'll don't eat there, you should go to the top if you haven't yet